The 3 Most Effective Ways to Hack Facebook Messenger Without a Password

I created this article to show you three basic ways to access someone’s Facebook messenger without realizing it.

Great! It’s Frankie again. Slow down before continuing to discover three methods of hacking into Facebook Messenger.

Give him a minute. Breathe.

Do you feel calm?  Remember, a round trip – and another round trip. I think you have it now.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve compiled three of the most popular approaches to hacking Facebook Messenger.

These are the same methods one would expect from experienced hackers.

Besides experienced pirates, these techniques are often used by bored wives and girlfriends (let him propose at his own pace), or by husbands and boyfriends (you have to grow up sometime) fighting the green-eyed monster of jealousy.

Dude! – You might find it useful to read my guide on how to catch cheaters on Facebook. Try it!

Of course, you can also be an obedient parent, and if so, check out this page.

Whatever your reasons for spying on a conversation with Messenger, the three truths below probably apply to everyone:

  • You are far from a technical genius and you are bad at hacking computers and services.
  • You want to participate in a conversation on Messenger without the other party knowing.
  • You want hacking to be as easy as a Sunday morning, and if it can be done remotely, all the better.

It’s all right. I don’t need a telepath to know I’m right. Isn’t it?

I’d like to be able to announce in my column that I have a magical solution that allows you to access someone else’s Facebook Messenger with one click? Absolutely.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy, but – and yes, there is always a but – it is POSSIBLE!

The good news is that you don’t have to be Kevin Mitnick (one of the coolest and most famous hackers of all time), but you’ll probably have to be a little patient. It’s not just going to happen with a snap of the fingers.

Let’s look at some of these methods.

Please note that the information I provide here is for information and illustration purposes only. I am not responsible for what happens to that information once you have it. In most jurisdictions, spying on social media and messaging applications is considered a criminal offense and a clear violation of the privacy of others.

The easiest ways to spy on Facebook Messenger without being a techie or a real spy

Before I get into the details, let me quickly list them so you have a quick link to the full article.

1. 1. Keyboard registration (may require patience)
2. 2. Phishing (takes time)
3. mSpy (simplest method)

Now you’re thinking: Hey, I have a few options. I can really do this.

Yes, you can just scroll down to where I clearly outlined what I consider the simplest method, but even this method is not free.

But wait – you just said there are free ways to read other people’s conversations on Facebook Messenger!

That’s it!

Start by saying out loud the name of the person you want to spy on. Speak clearly. Then follow this name with this sentence: abaleloo boola boolaboola booshi bashi wesi paka paka and don’t blink for 20 seconds.

Well, there’s something wrong with this method – it didn’t work.

Don’t worry, I’m a man of many choices. I still have a chance.

Copy and paste the profile of the person you want to spy on on Facebook here: ___________________

and then reload this page. Now just copy and paste the target’s Facebook profile link here: ___________________

Reload the page and get results!

Haha heh heh, did it work?

I’m sure it didn’t mean anything to you either. I’m not laughing at your expense, I’m showing you that there are crooks who advertise instant spy methods. As simple as it sounds, you’d think Facebook’s security team was made up of Tom and Jerry.

Well, there’s no need to keep knocking around.

Consider methods that can work on almost any device with any operating system.

On your marks, take the tray, GOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!.

Method No. 1. Hacking the Envoy with the Ninja KeyLogging Technique

The first method you can learn today is a proven approach known as keylogging.

Okay, listen to me, I’ll tell you what it is first.

Keyloggers are tools (which can be either software or hardware). They allow third parties to intercept and store keys pressed on the device.

Suppose you want to type on a keyboard for some reason. This data is stored in the keylogger and can later be viewed by the person collecting and viewing the data.

Sounds good, huh?

Keyloggers can record on the keyboard any information the victim enters – including passwords to access social networks, email, for example website chats (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.) and even internet searches.

As I said, there are two types of keyloggers, hardware (which connects directly to a physical device) and software.

Let’s take a look at each of them, shall we?

Hardware Keylogger


  • The victim must have a desktop or laptop computer (Mac or Windows), this device must have a USB port, and this must be the device they use to access Facebook.
  • You must have access to this device.
  • The PC must be connected to the keyboard (cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).

I can save you the conference and go straight to the basic requirements you need.

Honestly, I was wasting my time on that.

Hardware keyloggers are very small devices, so they can often be connected to the cable between the computer and the keyboard.

Often it looks more like a USB adapter.

Yes, because it looks different, you can shake your fist at the sky because you don’t know if the trick will work. Take a little walk so you won’t be seen.

How to hack a hardware keylogger?

The good news is that there are no alien devices or complicated mathematical problems to make it work the way it’s supposed to.

It’s a very simple process.

  1. First connect the device via the USB port (between the keyboard and the PC). For wireless connection, simply plug this receiver into a free USB port.
  2. The device automatically records all the words you type when you work with the computer. Passwords and passwords are stored in the internal memory of the device as a digital .txt file.
  3. Once you are free, take this device and check the data collected.

I tested a keylogger I bought on eBay, and I have to say it works exactly as it was intended. Collects all information and stores it neatly in an accessible file.

You don’t have to use just eBay. Amazon or Google can help you find numerous variations.

Isn’t that great? Let’s not rush to victory just yet.

Some disadvantages of hardware key registration

One of the things I’ve learned since first becoming interested in technological toys is that few things go as smoothly as you expect.

In fact, this data is not always easy to read and decipher.

The device can store them all in a single file, which can be too confusing for many users to actually read.


You should make sure your eye doctor is on speed dial before you start reading this information, as you will be burdening him or her. Now you have a headache and a lot more data to process.

You must remember that this is a record of ALL data entered on the keyboard in one large sequential file. It does not resolve like the detailed report one would expect.

Want to know what to expect? Here’s a little screenshot of part of the file I extracted:

But that’s not the only concern.

In fact, that’s not even the only limitation of this approach to engaging people. I may label others, but I promise to give an honest estimate.

There, it’s done:

Boundary 1 : You can only use it on desktop computers or Windows and Mac PCs. Keyloggers don’t work on smartphones.

Boundary 2: They’re not often invisible, and any physical device can be detected (and you get a swift kick in the butt). Be careful if the target has visible USB ports that you want to use.

Boundary 3: It does not bypass two-step authentication or authentication via Facebook or other sites. If you use their credentials to log in to another device, they will likely receive an email notification for suspicious activity.

Access from the device your target is using. With two-factor authentication (if you don’t know what it is, you can watch my YouTube video), Facebook informs the victim that their Facebook account has been accessed from another device and alerts them to your dirty dealings.

If you still think this is a method you’d like to try, you should read the entire article I wrote on keystroke logging.


  • Ease of use – 6/10 – You don’t need exceptional computer skills. All you need to do is know how to connect it to the keyboard and open the .txt file when you’re done.
  • Pre-capture security – 3/10 – Since most of these devices are physical, it’s no problem for your victim to see them (especially with the highly visible USB ports)
  • Speed – 2/10 – This is not always completely reliable, as it can take several days for a target to literally reconnect to their Facebook – you may never get the information you want.
  • Remote Control : No

Frankie’s take:

This is only effective if you already have physical access to the victim’s computer and you are certain that your target is connecting to Facebook from that device. If you need information faster, it is best to avoid this method as it may take several days to get results. It’s a waiting game.

Keystroke recorder software


  • They must have access to the victim’s device (phone or computer/laptop).
  • You need to know how to install the software file on your PC or install the application on your smartphone.

If you don’t have a headache yet (well, okay), let me tell you about software keyloggers.

I won’t go into the incredible details of how I think the alternative is better, but it’s smarter, easier, and safer than hardware. It also comes with fewer complications and limitations.

Software keyloggers are computer programs installed directly on the device and designed to record every keystroke.

Want to know the good news?

Until recently, only keylogging software could be installed on a computer or laptop, but this technology is now starting to spread. Convenient versions of these applications are now available for installation on Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Installing these applications is easy and most offer help throughout the process.

I apologize now, but I have to spoil the grand finale of this article, but one of the most widely used programs for this purpose is mSpy. It works for both computers and mobile devices.

I plan to write a whole article about it later, but if you can’t resist the urge to learn more about it now, buddy, just scroll down. I can’t stop you.


  • Ease of Use – 9/10 – You don’t need to know anything about computers, especially with software like mSpy. You get 100% support throughout the installation and there are even video tutorials you can use to help you.
  • Safe for recording – 8/10 – The software is virtually undetectable, so your victim won’t notice that it records all keystrokes.
  • Speed – 10/10 – When an article is published on social media, you also have access to this data.
  • Remote Control : Yes
  • Compatibility : Use on any device (PC, Mac) and any smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS).

Frankie’s take:

This is an approach you should only use if you have physical access to the victim’s device. He immediately begins spying on the activity. So, if you want immediate results, you should do it.

Method No. 2. Spying on the messenger using psychological techniques such as phishing

Let’s look at the second technique you can use to spy on your Facebook Messenger account.

Ready for the big reveal? Hypothetical drum roll, please…..budum tiss. Fish!

Everyone has heard of phishing, but do you know how it really works? You can use this technique to steal someone else’s Facebook information.

As usual, there are certain conditions that must be met in order for this venture to be a success, and then we can delve a little deeper into this subject.


  • Must have a computer
  • Patience is required to execute the plan and basic computer skills are needed.
  • You have a basic knowledge of HTML and PHP programming.

This is an old but effective way to access information from others. The downside is that it’s not as simple as the other options.

If you have no idea what some of these requirements mean, skip this section entirely and move on to the next point.

Okie Dokie – let’s talk about the easiest way to do this.

How does Phishing work?

It is essentially a type of smoking candle that has been used for centuries in various dispensing systems for counting thieves.

Have you ever seen the iconic movie Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio?

It’s based on an actual incident with a man named Frank Abagnale.

By the time he was 19 years old, he had already run successful scams worth millions of dollars. He was able to serve as a pilot for Pan American World Airway, a doctor in Georgia and a prosecutor in Louisiana.

In short, that’s what phishing really is. You make others think you are someone else so you can steal the information you want.

Let’s take an example.

In this scenario, let’s say you’re trying to steal your partner’s Facebook password to see if they’re cheating on you.

You need to follow these steps to launch a successful phishing campaign:

  • First, purchase a web domain with a name associated with Facebook (i.e. FacebookLooks, FacebookAlert, etc.) and create an email address such as [email protected].
  • The home page of this page should look like the login screen of Facebook.
  • You can send an email to your victim from the email address you created, knowing they will think it is a Facebook message.
  • You (posing as Facebook) invite them to log into your account (by clicking on the link from the domain you created) to update their personal information.
  • You will be redirected to the landing page you created, which will appear as the Facebook login screen.

And……BOOM. They’ve got her.

The victim, unaware that she is not connected to anything, enters her ID. It is stored in your database and only you have access to it.

You now have the victim’s Facebook password.

Unlike a keylogger, you don’t need software, you need social engineering. (I also don’t have time to write all this in this article, so Google it if you want to know more).

You see, that’s a very clever trick.

However, this method certainly has its limits.

Disadvantages of Phishing

Once you have their details, you can quickly log into their account.

Well, maybe.

Unfortunately, we live in the age of two-factor authentication, and Facebook can send an email to the target if you try to log in from an unrecognized device.

In short, the risk of getting caught up in this approach is high.

Are you disappointed? Well, the story doesn’t end there.

This is obviously a major obstacle. The best way around this problem is to log in with this new data from a trusted device that has already been used to access that account. This ignores two-step authentication.

If you’re interested, I’ve already written an article about phishing, which you can read here.


  • Ease of Use – 3/10 – Computer knowledge is required to perform this task.
  • Catch Protection – 4/10 – You can get caught by two-factor security if you try to connect to your victim’s Facebook with an unrecognized device.
  • Speed – 3/10 – It takes a long time to define all these steps.
  • Remote Control – No
  • Compatibility – Can be used on any device (PC, Mac) and on smartphones or tablets (Android or iOS).

Frankie’s take:

This method is free, but it is also difficult to set a trap and risky. You should be familiar with HTML coding and PHP and understand some basic internet skills. Personally, I would not recommend this approach unless it is your last hope.

Method No. 3. Batman level software: mSpy (best spyware application)


  • They may need access to the victim’s device (PC or smartphone).
  • They can also find the victim’s Apple ID (or iCloud) (username and password).

It’s one of the most widely used spying methods in the world, and it’s also one of my favorite approaches.

You may not be as technologically savvy as I am (which puts you in the 99% majority), but I can summarize by saying that it is the simplest and most effective solution currently on the market.

There may be thousands of applications and programs to choose from, but they all try to match mSpy.

Because it is one of the most complex approaches, it is also one of the most reliable. You can learn to love him forever (longer than some marriages will last if this application reveals the truth). You might be one of the lucky ones getting a divorce.

Just install the application on the victim’s phone and that’s it.

All that’s left is to collect the data and enjoy the show. Maybe popcorn.

Once the software is installed, you can read the posts on Facebook first, but you can also access them:

  • Call lists
  • SMS
  • History of the Internet
  • gps positioning
  • Email accounts
  • Photos and recorded videos
  • All messaging applications (WhatsApp, Instagram, iMessage, etc.)
  • All social media

To be honest, the list is pretty long.


Test mSpy by participating in the FREE demo: Click HERE for more information.

It is easy to set up and install, and ease of use is an essential part of the service mSpy offers. They make the interface foolproof, so you can get where you want to go quickly.

Trust me. Trust me.

In addition, you can use our 24/7 customer service via email and live chat.

Installation on your target device only takes a few minutes and if you have any problems, customer service can help.

How to hack a messenger with mSpy?

First of all, you have to buy the application (not everything can be free, curmudgeon). You can install it on the victim’s phone.

Everything is very simple, with easy instructions for you.

Installation only takes a few minutes and you don’t need to be a technician to do it.

Once you have installed the software on your target phone, you can view all the information on your target phone. It doesn’t matter if the information is personal or demeaning.

You can get the same data from a computer. In a few seconds, you can get all the latest information about your target, which they won’t share with anyone else.

This application and software is very versatile and works on almost any device, from Android phones and tablets to iOS products, Windows and Mac computers and laptops.

But wait – all this good news is not without quid pro quo. Here are the drawbacks.

mShpy Cons

However, there is only one drawback.

As with all spyware, you must first gain access to the device your victim is using, continuously for several minutes.

In some cases, you can install it remotely if you already have credentials in the Apple Store (for the iPhone) (here’s what’s really interesting : How to spy on your iPhone: the three best methods)

Yeah, that’s what I said. You can install mSpy on your iPhone without a target phone!

If you can identify this information for the Apple Store (probably using keyloggers), you can install it remotely from the service, provided their device is on the list of phones that can work with this feature.

It depends on the phone and, in the case of the iPhone, on its release from prison.

However, this is not difficult to do, even if you have to hold the victim’s smartphone in your hands.

If you’re not creative (or too lazy), you can find a good reason why you need your phone.

I made a video describing three foolproof ways to ask for someone’s phone without alerting them to your real intent.

Good luck, sir.

One more thing…

One of the most common questions is whether the victim might notice you spying on them with mSpy.

Simply put, the answer to this question is NO.

mSpy leaves no trace of the installation or its presence on the phone, so you can sleep well.

If you want, you can learn more in this tutorial I wrote on how to install mSpy in three minutes: a step-by-step guide. You’ll also find a discount coupon (it’s a gift reserved for readers of my blog).


  • Ease of use – 9/10 – No computer skills required. Software like mSpy offers detailed help that will guide you through the installation process if needed.
  • Safe from Catch – 8/10 – The software leaves no visible presence on the victim’s phone, i.e. no logo, notification or icon indicating its presence.
  • Speed – 10/10 – Once the installation is complete, you have all the information you could want in real time.
  • Remote Control : Yes, you can track conversations from Messenger and other applications, even if the target person is on another continent.

Frankie’s take:

If you are looking for something efficient and effective, then you need reliable mSpy software. You don’t need technical skills, and it’s okay for some reason that you might need a little spying. It’s not free, the monthly fee is worth it for most of them to return the information they receive.

You might be interested in this:

Facebook Messenger Spy FAQ

Can you spy on Facebook if you only have the user’s phone number?

No, you can’t. To access your Facebook account or read conversations on Messenger, you can access it with more than just your phone number. You should not trust companies that claim to be able to obtain this information only over the phone. That’s impossible.

Are there free applications to spy on your email account?

There are no free applications that can spy on Messenger. No one with the time or money to do it will offer it for free. If you want to know more about spy applications, I recommend you read this guide: the best mobile spy applications you can find in 2021.

Is it legal to spy on Facebook and Messenger accounts?

It’s a little more complicated. There are certain programs, such as. B. mSpy or Flexispy, which can be used as parental controls. If you use it to see someone else’s cell phone without your child’s permission, you are breaking the law.

Thanks to mSpy, can I find the name of a person with a simple picture?

Let’s say you distrust your partner because you caught him taking fiery photos. This person is not labeled, so you can’t find his name. With mSpy, you can find out if your partner is communicating with this person and what he or she is saying. I also recommend you read my guide on how to find a person’s name using a simple photo.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me or comment below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I see your comment. To get the right answer, enter the Spy smartphone model you are looking for.


I’d say we managed to have some fun with this article. You can now understand that hacking a Facebook account is not difficult and is (thankfully) within the reach of anyone who wants to do it to someone else.

We discussed three methods:

  • Keylog registration
  • Phishing
  • Espionage application

I would say that if you want a quick and effective solution that does more than just spy on Facebook (and not all phone – the victim might be using an email program you don’t know about), then mSpy is the obvious choice.

It is not only simple and effective, but also incomprehensible to the victim.

You can now see what’s going on with your wife or husband’s phone, the devices your kids have, or find the location of an unfaithful spouse or person. You never have to worry about requests you didn’t know existed.

We hope this article has given you some useful information on this famous, albeit controversial, topic.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please take a few minutes and send me a message in the comments below. I can definitely call you back as soon as I see him.


P.S. I recommend that you read the article I wrote about protecting your phone from spyware because, as you can see, it’s not that hard to fall victim to spyware.

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