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Before Queen Elizabeth II (the Immortal Queen) was named Britain’s longest serving monarch, there was Queen Victoria.

The Victorian era marks Queen Victoria’s 63-year reign, from 1837 to 1901, a time when WiFi didn’t exist, when Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection was a hot topic, and when Jack the Ripper lived up to his mischief.

During this period, despite all the wars and famine, Britain became a superpower through innovation and achievement in everything that mattered.

In terms of social trends, however, the Victorian era still clings to the traditions of Bridgerton that would infuriate feminists today.

But aside from the deadly corsets and arsenic-wrapped dresses, the era still fascinates today with its obscene splendor in architecture, fashion, and art.

Go back in time and let your Sims live like Victorians with this classic CC history list.

20. Birthday Hat

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Victorian women were expected to be modest and fashionable at all times when out in society.

This means wearing layers of fabric and a nice hat, even during the hottest season.

The Victorian cap with embellishments and fringes is not the most practical fashion choice when it comes to protection from the sun, but women wear it anyway.

Complete your simulation with this Linzlu birthday hat to launch your Victorian-inspired transformation.

19. Merida Hairdressing salon

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A quick Google search for Victorian hair would reveal that 19th century women had the most hair. In the 19th century, the real Rapunzels.

Victorian-era women let their hair grow to the ground, overshadowing mermaids and amazing modern hairdressers.

It was a very impractical development. But in those days, women believed that the longer and thicker the hair, the more privileged it was.

And with manes like this haircut from Mérida, there’s no denying that 6-foot hair is a luxury for rich, sculpted realities.

Get a Victorian looking hairstyle with this SS from EnriqueS4!

18. Victoria Hair

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In the 1970s, there might have been Princess Leia’s cinnamon buns. But in the 1870s, there were braided rolls from Queen V.

This Victorian curly hair was as popular as the side bangs at the time.

And she was known to the young Queen Victoria, as her many portraits show.

Avoid hiring a royal barber and give your Sim a quick royal makeover with this CC from Wild Poodles!

17. Elisabeth winter set

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Winter is a difficult season.

But that doesn’t stop Victorian women from wearing dresses ankle deep in snow!

Although this CC is most appropriate for prom, you can be sure that this dress has more layers than the bow.

Keep your Sims warm on cold nights with this Elizabeth winter set, available in 6 designs!

16. Calico dresses

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If your Sims aren’t in the mood to walk around and chat in knotted dresses, they can always stay home and be comfortable in Calico dresses.

Simple, clean, and free of unnecessary embroidery, this SS from Linzlu gives your Sims plenty of room to play before they have to squeeze into another corset.

Make your Sims a real lady at home and enjoy 45 variations of this CC!

15. Victorian dress for ladies

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If there is one dress that can intimidate the patriarchy, it is the dress of Victorian women.

Give Sim’s historical wardrobe a dark twist and do what the handsome Dracula does in search of misogynists.

Plus, you can choose from 45 color options, from dull black to bright pink!

14. Tea time day dress

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Greedy moms and salespeople will tell you that having a dress for every occasion is ideal.

That’s good advice, unless you’re broke, Victorian.

According to the rules of Victorian fashion, there are several dresses designed specifically for carriage rides in the city, walks in the streets, visits to the beach, etc.

However, for this SS, this dress is specially made for your Sim taste with the bourgeoisie.

Tea Time Day Wear is available in 24 solid colors and 24 patterns – perfect for your daily afternoon cup of tea!

13. Victorian ballroom kit

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When the sun goes down and it’s time to party, Victorian women have the chance to show their skin in their evening ball gowns.

The necklines are lower, the sleeves shorter and especially the skirts are so big they don’t fit in the doorway.

This exaggeration may be a problem if you are dancing with a duke or a prince, but if you want a dress that is amazing enough to keep your dance partner from traveling, this SS is for you!

Become the belle of the ball with this Victorian ball set from Elfdor that includes 40 designs.

12. Calling baldness

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Women are more fashion conscious than most men.

But in Victorian times, becoming the perfect gentleman meant trying to wash and shave, at least occasionally during the day.

Only a few things were needed to create the perfect Victorian man: carefully tailored suits, tall hats and a large dose of chivalry.

It’s a simple set.

But if there’s one CC that evokes more power and masculinity of the Victorian era, it’s Bacon’s Courage, set in history.

11. Prince Albert and Windsor Uniforms

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to meet a prince and have a fairy tale romance worthy of a Disney adaptation.

But in reality, you never get tired of princes, monarchies and Tinder’s surprise meetings.

Fortunately, you can always bury that dream when you meet Prince Charming in Sima 4.

Dress your soulmate Sim in a dashing Prince Albert and Windsor uniform, perfect for formal balls, and dare to say it’s a future royal wedding.

10. Talking Dose Package

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There’s no shortage of Victorian lifestyle. Especially if the woman’s posture is stiff as a board.

A lifetime of trying to be sober and decent seems like a hell of a torture.

But basic Victorian etiquette and manners distinguish the gifted woman from the uneducated.

It’s definitely an outdated practice, but if you want that Victorian elegance this Conversation Pose Pack can get out of your sim.

9. Game of Thrones style wallpaper

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In the time of Queen Victoria, there were no battles, no dragons, no cunning Lannisters.

But when it comes to choosing wallpaper, there’s definitely a consistency of taste with the royal members of Game of Thrones.

Paint your Sim’s walls with wallpaper featuring details reminiscent of Victorian times and majestic palaces.

Take up to 10 wallpaper designs in this CC package and choose the wallpaper that suits you best.

Just try not to use the same wallpaper as The Red Wedding, okay?

8. Victorian Soft Loveseat

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Since the 19th century Lovers has been a hotspot for men and women in love.

While not the most romantic place yet, the comfortable double room helped bring couples closer together in a social setting.

Let your Sims entertain their fans on this adorable Victorian love game and find love at its best.

7. Black Luksa chimney

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When it comes to choosing a centerpiece for your Victorian home in Sima, consider installing this Dark Lux fireplace.

With its sturdy marble base, majestic ornaments around the fire and mirror on top, it shows that your Sim knows how to be awesome without overdoing it.

In addition, you can choose from five models, ensuring the perfect fireplace for any virtual Victorian home.

6. Rifle buttresses

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Not everyone was born into royalty.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own throne.

As majestic as The Queen’s chairs, the Frame Paper Rifle chairs have a luxurious design that would fit perfectly in Buckingham Palace.

Whether it’s for tea or dinner, this CC ensures that your Sims are always in royal luxury.

5. Historical portraits

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Before the advent of front and selfie cameras, there were hand-drawn portraits.

These artistic attempts to capture the essence of a person on canvas require an incredibly talented artist – or, indeed, an incredibly talented content creator.

It might be weird to post a picture of a dog and a grandma first. But these historical portraits are just what you need to decorate blank walls.

4. Cordelia Fan

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One of life’s greatest pleasures is to be able to take a warm bath after a long day.

The other is finding plumbers who fit into a Victorian home.

This Cordelia-plated bathtub doesn’t have gold handles or hot water with evergreen, but it exudes luxury and promises a pleasant bathing experience.

3. Victorian set

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The Victorian style is the opposite of modern decor and MUJI apartments, where the rooms are cluttered with heavy furniture, ornate trinkets and framed photos of every fruit and flower in existence.

Every inch of a Victorian home should dribble with opulence.

But that’s easier said than done when the time has already passed.

Fortunately, there are a number of CC creators who feel that this outdated aesthetic can be saved.

Get the essential Victorian-style furniture accessories you need in this CC pack from TheJim07!

2. Pink Dream

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If Barbie lived in Victorian times, this CC would probably be her most comfortable place.

xSorcerer’s Pink Dream is a modern Victorian-era fantasy filled with enough botanical splendor to rival a zoo.

This 5 bedroom home combines modern furnishings with Victorian decor and includes a butler’s suite, a large library and even a sunroom!

This house could be anywhere pink. But inside, it is a beautiful imperial land worthy of a queen.

1. Avenue Victorienne

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The intermittent dramas follow one another.

But if there’s one thing you have to love, it’s the chic touches, the cheeky scandals and the beautiful scenery.

Building a world that was fashionable hundreds of years ago is not easy – for humans anyway.

For Sims, repairing an entire block of Victorian Avenue would take at least half an hour.

Turn your Sim neighborhood into a hub of historical drama by owning 4 luxurious Victorian mansions – all fully furnished – in Willow Creek!

With a set of CCs, your Sims will remember it in no time.

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