Calico Gets Major Update For Switch & PC

The delightful cat cafe simulation game has just received a major update with many minor corrections and additions.

In case you missed that sensational game: Calico is a super fun indie game about owning and running your own cat cafe. That’s not all! They also take on the role of exuberant young women endowed with gentle magical powers. Once the old ball of wool is in place, you can decorate your lovely cafe with all sorts of furniture and trinkets. Calico is designed as a relaxing adventure for explorers of all ages.

The game is currently available on the Nintendo eShop for Switch and for PC via Steam, where it costs just $11.99. With the game receiving its first major update since release to fix bugs, you’d think there’s never been a better time to try Calico on Nintendo Switch. Below is a trailer of the game, as well as a detailed list of all the changes made in this update.

Instructions for the switch version

Calico 1.02

We are pleased to announce Calico version 1.02, which includes updates, bug fixes, performance improvements and new features! The official patches below! Thank you for your support and patience with this title!

Function updates

  • The A and B buttons have been swapped, making the controls more familiar to Nintendo Switch players.
  • Added a drink that teleports the player to the cafe if they get stuck.
  • It includes screenshots and videos on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Added support for arrow keys for Unemployment/Motion Insurance.
  • Added user interface display in 4K resolution.
  • Adjustment of UI credit for certain resolutions.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a dialogue that ended abruptly, which could cause problems in the Big City Dreams quest.
  • Solved various stick geometry problems around the world.
  • Fixed a bug where the log tabs did not change correctly when pet names were entered on the PC.
  • The resolution problems on the ultra-wide-angle monitors have been fixed.
  • Fixed collisions on all carpets.
  • There is no fixed role recipe for Hocus Focus.
  • Several collision problems have been resolved.
  • Fixed possible crash when loading saved files from previous versions.
  • ANCs that work at times when they should work have been corrected.
  • Problems with the model of the cat drinker solved.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs and animals were sometimes invisible indefinitely.
  • Correction of the inability to buy things if you have the exact amount of value of an item.
  • Repairing a player stuck on a log or on the floor next to Estelle’s general store.
  • Conversations between the chat and the owl are interrupted, leaving the player stuck.
  • Problem solved with the disappearance of furniture that affects some things.
  • Fixed problem with installing animals immediately after performing certain actions.
  • Problem solved with inappropriate lowering of clothing colors.
  • Solved a model problem with the Ranger.
  • Fixed an issue where the radio was recording separately from the table it was turned on, causing players to jam in furniture mode.
  • Stares at Safina as she leaves her place to complete the Clover Coast quest.
  • Fixed a bug where polar bears were inappropriately following the player.
  • Correction of interrupted conversations when passing NPCs.
  • Fixed hats that don’t match Pudgems and his damn head.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented recipes from loading correctly from a saved game.
  • Perennial animals are disappearing from collections (pigeons, rabbits).
  • Repaired NPCs get stuck at the door of the coffee shop.
  • Fixed an issue where a recipe for cinnamon rolls could not be filled.
  • Fixed a problem with the Catpital Venture quest.
  • Fixed an issue where a credit sequence would sometimes take the player to the ocean.
  • Fixed a bug when editing saved files.
  • Solved a problem where a pigeon with a blue hat was living in a wall for some reason.
  • Fixed an issue where food was not purchased when multiple NPCs were visiting at the same time.
  • Safely stored products that have been manufactured but not placed in a display case.


  • Reduces rain and water splashes.
  • Adjustable ear angle / ice cap on some animals.
  • Smooth navigation on sloping terrain.
  • The speed of the player gradually increases over time.
  • Increase in top speed.
  • Increased speed of horses compared to other animals.
  • Problems with rabbit ears solved.
  • The coastal and urban barriers have been modified to be more understandable to the actors.

If you want to see notes on PC patches, click here to visit the official Whitethorn website.

Calico Pendant

Additional information.

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