Plagiarism Checker for Blog: Top Three Pick for 2021

Plagiarism is the use of another’s work, ideas or thoughts as if they were your own, without giving them the credit they deserve. This practice is completely illegal and can have many implications on the lives of students, writers, bloggers and SEO experts. Publishing original and quality content is one of the most important factors for a website to rank well in search engines.

Quality content contributes greatly to the authority and credibility of a website. Therefore, bloggers and webmasters should check the originality of their work before publishing it or posting it online. To combat this phenomenon, bloggers can use various online plagiarism checking tools to detect content that has been copied from their blog posts.

The plagiarism checker focuses on comparing the given content with multiple online sources in order to detect plagiarism as quickly as possible. In this article, we will discuss the top three plagiarism prevention tools that can help bloggers detect copied content in their articles and blogs. But first you need to know:

Some basic types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism can occur in the following ways:

1. Direct plagiarism

When a blogger uses the exact words of another, he is openly committing plagiarism. This kind of work is completely illegal and can have a lot of consequences for the lives of bloggers.

2. Mosaic plagiarism

Mosaic plagiarism is when a blogger copies sentences in their post without using quotation marks. It is also called patchwork when the user finds certain synonyms and expressions without citing a single source.

3. Plagiarism

When a blogger uses content that has already been used in new articles, this is self-plagiarism. Bloggers can avoid this kind of plagiarism simply by writing unique and original content.

4. Involuntary plagiarism

Accidental plagiarism occurs when a webmaster or blogger forgets to cite the source of a text or quotes it incorrectly. To avoid this, always use the correct citation style and cite the source as best you can.

The three main types of control for plagiarism control

Bloggers can use one of the plagiarism detectors below to quickly check the content of their blog.

1. Quetext Plagiarism control


Quetext is one of the most popular plagiarism checking tools used by students, teachers, bloggers and webmasters to verify the originality of their work.

Quetext uses the latest deep search technology and compares this text with all online sources to detect copied content.

How do I use this online tool?

To use this online tool, write a file, paste or upload it in various forms and click Check for Plagiarism.

Here are some of the key features of this online plagiarism checker:

  • Technology: It uses advanced deep search technology to find plagiarism.
  • Support for : This online tool allows users to download files in .doc, .docx, .txt, etc. format.
  • Percentage : After scanning the entire document, it quickly indicates the exact percentage of plagiarism in the content.
  • Variety of colors : This feature of this online tool indicates plagiarism.
  • Quote Wizard: It also indicates the actual source of the copied content.
  • Download the report: Users can easily download the final report in seconds.
  • It’s the word that counts: The free version of Quetext offers only three searches with a limit of 500 words for each search.

Users need to buy the paid version to get easy access to the great features.

Checks for plagiarism of qubits Pros and cons
  • Analyze the entire document thoroughly and look for as little plagiarism as possible.
  • Allows you to easily navigate through files.
  • Safe use for all purposes on the Internet.
  • Allows the user to download the results report in the Notepad version.
  • There is no annual plan.
  • In the free version, the user can only scan 500 words.
  • To get access to the amazing features, you need to purchase the monthly plan.

2. Pre-post OSE plagiarism control


Plagiarism is a serious offence that can affect the overall ranking of the site. Bloggers use this free plagiarism check from PrePostSEO to quickly verify the originality of their blog content. This incredible plagiarism detector compares the given text with different online sources and databases to find the copied content.

How do I use this plagiarism control?

To use it, paste the text into the input box or download the file from your smartphone and click Check for plagiarism. After scanning the entire file, the controller recognizes the copied contents in a very short time.

Some of the great features of this free plagiarism checker:

  • Technology: It uses the latest deep search technology and thoroughly analyzes the entire file to detect copied content.
  • Download the file : This scan supports various file formats including .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf, etc.

Bloggers can also download a file directly from Google Drive with a single click.

  • Exclude the URL: Users can exclude the URL before checking the originality of the work.
  • Percentage : After scanning a document, the percentage of unique and plagiarized text is displayed.
  • Deprecated text: The advantage of this excellent verification is that it displays the paraphrased text used in this content.
  • Quote Wizard: It provides a real source of content for simple quotes.
  • Download the report: Users can easily download the results report in PDF or HTML format.
  • Word limit: This excellent online checker provides a word count of 1,000 for each search.
Pre-positioning plagiarism control Pros and cons
  • It offers unlimited searches in the free version.
  • Allows you to download better files.
  • Available on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Returns the actual source of the corresponding content.
  • Uses the latest deep search technology to detect copied content.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Immediate detection of plagiarism when paraphrasing specific words or phrases.
  • Users must purchase the bonus plans to increase the word limit.
  • In the free version, the ad is displayed and a captcha code is shown.

3. Check for grammatical plagiarism


The main purpose of grammar is to check for grammatical and spelling errors in a given content. Grammarly’s Plagiarism Detector helps writers and bloggers easily detect plagiarism in the text of their articles and blogs.

It has a very large database, and its plagiarism checker checks your content against the following databases;

  • Online tools
  • Books and magazines
  • ProQuest database

How do I use this plagiarism control?

To use this online tool, paste or upload a file into the verifier and click the Check for Plagiarism button.

He quickly scans the entire file and reports plagiarism in no time.

It has a number of unique features, some of which are very important:

  • Support for : It offers the possibility to download files in docx, doc and .txt format.
  • Databases : This paid online tool scans this content and compares it against multiple online sources, books and databases to detect copied content.
  • Quote: For better citation, the verifier also indicates the actual source of the copied content.
  • Percentage : After checking this file, it shows the percentage of plagiarized text.
  • Download the report: Bloggers can download a text report on plagiarism with one click.
  • Reliable in use: The excellent auditor is completely safe to use for all SEO and other online goals.
  • Word limit: In the paid version, users can scan 1,000 words per search.
Grammatical plagiarism detector Pros and cons
  • Easy access from smart devices.
  • Uses large databases to search for copied content.
  • Specifies the actual source of the content.
  • Quickly indicate the percentage of plagiarism.
  • This provides a good opportunity to download plagiarism.
  • Bloggers must purchase the paid version to check for plagiarism.
  • Only offers a monthly subscription.
  • Don’t find a patchwork of plagiarism.

Final words

I hope you found this article helpful. All of these plagiarism control tools are highly rated and very effective, so you can use any of the above plagiarism control tools. For more information, please contact TechExel. Thank you!

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