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Hidden reading of Instagram messages

Do you know how to turn off reading receipts on Instagram and prevent others from seeing the mail you are reading? Can you deactivate the beleglese function on Instagram? No, but there are alternatives. If you are reading a message with Airplane mode enabled, it will appear in your mailbox as unread and the sender will not know that you have read or seen it. When you click on a notification, it is counted as viewed or read. You cannot disable receipt reading on Instagram. This message is about workarounds to disable reading of Instagram notifications that include flight mode and not clicking a new notification.

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How do you prevent your friends from knowing that you are reading their messages on Instagram?

There is no option to disable reading receipts on Instagram, but there is a trick to first enter flight mode and then read messages privately or secretly. But first you don’t have to click on notifications of new messages.

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Disable notification of defined messages

When you click a notification for an Instagram item, that item is marked as read and cannot be canceled. There is one way to prevent this – disabling or disabling direct Instagram notifications. Proceed as follows.

Tap to navigate in the Instagram mobile application and select the profile picture in the lower right corner to access your profile.

Go to Instagram profile

Select the burger or menu icon (three horizontal lines).

Select menu or three-line control panel

Go to the parameters by clicking on the gear icon in the lower left corner.

Go to Instagram parameters

Press the Notifications option

Click Notifications on the Settings page.

Then tap the Messages option (these can be Direct Messages).

Touch the option Messages under Notifications

Select this option to mark the circle next to Off in the message area.

Disable Input Message

Then select the Off check box in the message request area.

Disabling messages for Instagram message requests

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To read an Instagram message in Flight mode

We will show you how to read Instagram messages by activating Airplane mode. When you are ready to read your messages, go to your Inbox and activate Airplane mode before clicking on a message. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Press to open the Instagram mobile application.
  • Click on the Messenger icon in the upper right corner. If you have not yet switched to the combined Instagram/Facebook Messenger inbox.
  • Click the Mail icon to navigate to the Instagram Direct Inbox folder.

Touch the Instagram Messenger icon to display messages.

  • Turn on the Airplane mode and make sure the Wi-Fi is turned off.
  • To access the quick settings, drag the slider at the top of the Android screen and tap Airplane mode.
  • To open the Control Center, drag the iPhone screen and tap Airplane mode to activate it.

Turn on airplane mode from Android settings or iPhone control centerChange airplane mode from Android settings or iPhone control centerChange airplane mode from Android settings or iPhone control centerChange airplane mode from Android settings or iPhone control center

  • Then read your messages.
  • Close the Inbox and return to the profile page.

Go to Instagram profile

  • Press the main menu or the hamburger menu.

Select menu or three-line control panel

Tap the cog icon to open the settings at the bottom.

Go to Instagram parameters

  • Go downstairs and select the output option

Starter programme

  • Then stop the flight mode
  • Login to your Instagram account

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Here are some of the questions often asked by different people, with a short answer for your information.

How do I disable playback of receipts on Instagram DM?

If you want to disable receipts or view messages on Instagram in private, this is not really possible. However, just like in Facebook Messenger, you can activate Airplane mode and read all your messages by closing them completely from the different windows and turning them off again.

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Can I disable receipt reading on Instagram?

No, you cannot disable receipt playback on Instagram, but you can view messages by enabling or disabling Airplane mode in phone settings.

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Disable receipt reading on Instagram 2020

Unfortunately, you cannot disable the reading of receipts on Instagram 2020. However, you can read the messages on Instagram by first enabling flight mode in the settings of your smartphone.


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