Best Gaming Gloves for PC and Console Gaming in 2021

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Did you know that playing gloves is a trend these days? There are a lot of reasons why passionate players swear by them, and why you might need a pair.

Most people think that since computer gaming is a sedentary activity, you don’t need to change like sports fans do. But here’s the problem: Typing on the keyboard for hours on end can cause a number of problems for your fingers and wrists. You can literally shake your bones and get nerve damage.

Not to mention that sitting in a play chair, no matter how ergonomic it is, can make your back tired and cause back pain. But that’s a subject for another day….

Today we’re going to talk about playing gloves.

What are game gloves?

They are essentially tight gloves that compress the hand while providing adequate ventilation and allowing total control and dexterity of the fingers. These gloves offer a good grip, help you with cold hands and sweaty palms and, most importantly, improve your performance by keeping your fingers fast and agile on the keyboard.

Common features of gaming gloves include a sporty aesthetic, extra wrist supports, and weatherproof fabric designs. Ultimately, the goal of wearing game compression gloves is to keep the wrists upright and in an ergonomic position during play.

Why you need playing gloves

If you’re wondering if gaming gloves are worth it, the answer is a resounding yes. Compression gaming gloves are a must for gamers, whether you play on your console, laptop, PC or in an RV gaming environment.

These gloves provide essential wrist and finger support during long game sessions and make gameplay a little easier, allowing you to work well with fast-moving fingers, giving you an edge in a multiplayer environment.

A wide selection of play gloves are also available to you, such as play gloves for cold and clammy hands, play gloves for full and fingerless fingers, etc. This allows for the treatment of a variety of potential and pre-existing conditions, ranging from hand sweats to arthritis to carpal tunnel syndrome.

In these situations, wearing video game gloves while playing can eliminate or at least minimize these conditions. And even if you don’t suffer from hand or wrist problems, wearing gaming gloves can work wonders!

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Top 6 Game gloves

From what we have just discussed, the best game gloves are those that offer maximum control and authority in your hands. They must also ensure a good balance between applied pressure and adequate ventilation.

Below is a compilation of the most promising options we found that meet this criterion. We have made a good selection of products, from cheap but effective gloves to the most expensive gems with many great features, so it should be easier for you to decide which PC gaming gloves are best suited for your needs.

Copper gloves for compression osteoarthritis

The Copper Compression Arthritis Glove, an exceptionally breathable fingerless glove, is one of the most popular computer gloves among computer players. The design of these gloves allows for full keyboard and mouse control without losing tactile response (a common problem with whole finger gloves).

The use of high quality materials and the addition of gel on the palm make these gloves breathable and keep hands dry for hours. This makes them the ideal choice for players with sweaty palms who often slip off the keyboard or mouse when they are about to win.

Most importantly, the compression of these gloves protects your hands and wrists from damage that can occur after hours of playing or pressing the keyboard. The gloves fit your hands well, as do the wrist straps that keep your wrists stable while playing.

  • The best choice for PC gamers
  • Excellent compression set adhesion
  • Robust and high-quality construction
  • 100% money back guarantee.

ComfortHand compression gloves for arthritis

One controversial option is ComfyBrace’s arthritis compression gloves, which are actually designed for arthritis patients. So technically they are not gloves for the players, but at least in our opinion they do a good job. It’s a controversial choice because deep down you either love him or hate him. And if you like it, you’ll feel like it’s one of the best gloves ever made.

That’s because these compression gloves fit snugly, which can help you focus, plug in, and get in the zone as you fight elements from the other world in World of Warcraft. But that’s why some players don’t like it. Gloves can be a bit restrictive and give the impression that your reflexes are not as fast.

It is interesting to note that some players prefer this feeling of restriction or compression, believing that it acts as a muscle-building factor and that it teaches their hands to move more easily on the keyboard. Either way, these gloves are worth a try.

  • Sealed compression gloves for arthritis
  • A well made pair that gives a solid and sturdy feel.
  • Provides tactile control and keeps you focused
  • Can help relieve muscle and nerve pain

ComfyBrace Night Bra Sleeping Bra

Another choice from ComfyBrace is the Sleep Support Night Wristband, designed for full support and superior comfort, so you can play for hours without hurting your wrists.

As such, it has a few features like a lightweight design that won’t weigh your hands down when you wear the glove, ergonomic splints that allow for optimal wrist positioning and prevent injuries while playing or sleeping, and Velcro straps that allow you to find the perfect fit.

Even better: This bracelet also offers health benefits to people with certain conditions such as CTS and arthritis, as well as those who have recently undergone treatment or worn a wristband. In situations where the hand and wrist show pain and weakness, this glove provides natural, almost therapeutic relief.

  • Unobtrusive seams and flawless design
  • A glove is suitable for both the left and right hand.
  • Provides excellent control and traction
  • Suitable for pain relief

Gloves designed by a physician for the treatment of compression arthritis

You can also look at the arthritis compression gloves that Dr. Arthritis sells. While they are advertised as gloves for arthritis and may even help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, they also work surprisingly well as video game gloves.

What we love about these gloves is that, on the one hand, they are designed and recommended by practitioners and, on the other, they offer incredibly accurate compression levels and glove sizes for different users. Plus, you’ll benefit from superior comfort and quality wrist support to keep your fingers mobile and prevent pain, soreness or injury.

It should also be noted that these gloves are made of spandex and copper-plated nylon, with a fairly high copper content. We won’t get into a discussion right now about whether copper gloves really work, but if you believe in them, they’re a good choice for you. Either way, it’s an excellent pair of gloves that’s pretty cheap compared to other brands.

  • Recommended by doctors
  • Precise compression and wrist support
  • Helps with stiffness, pain and swelling.
  • 100% money back guarantee.

Gloves for live arthritis patients

As you may have noticed, some play gloves are actually advertised as such. Gloves for living arthritis patients are no exception. The reason we really like these gloves is that they are exactly the same as the more expensive and original player gloves, but at a more reasonable price.

For example, the compression is basically the same, and since they also have a no-name design, you can still enjoy the feel of a keyboard or controller with enough grip so you can easily press the right keys.

What we’re saying is that these gloves are great to play with and because they’re relatively inexpensive, they’re also a safe and effective way to find out if wearing gloves while playing is something you enjoy.

  • A cheaper alternative to high-end gaming gloves.
  • Allows direct contact with the keyboard/controller.
  • Sufficient capacity in the field of pain therapy
  • Soothing compression and breathability

Foam lizard gloves for games

Finally, there is a pair of affordable keyboard gloves, the Foam Lizard Grip Gloves. These gloves have much in common with specialized gloves for lifting heavy loads, especially when it comes to keeping hands dry and protecting against discomfort and blisters.

This is made possible by the use of high quality fabrics in the construction of these gloves. This material absorbs sweat very well, which is always a good thing because sticky hands can affect your performance, especially during a long gaming session.

Even though these gloves don’t offer the same compression as the other gloves on this list, the benefit is that your hands don’t get cramped and you also have a much better grip. Of course, you can adjust the compression by choosing a tighter or larger pair of gloves, as they come in different sizes.

  • Excellent tactile grip for maximum control
  • High Humidity Humidity Humidity
  • A good choice of play gloves for sweaty hands
  • Perfect for console gamers

What to look for in play gloves

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably already convinced that you need computer gaming gloves. So the question is how to find the perfect gaming gloves for computer games. What are the factors and characteristics that need to be considered?

It all depends on the configuration of your game. If you z. B. are more desktop or laptop gamers, you need good wrist support, better dexterity and greater flexibility. While console gamers need fingerless, moisture-wicking video game gloves to keep the controller firmly in their hands.

However, keep in mind that when you play on a desktop computer, you need to do your part to make your video game gloves work by making sure your computer is properly positioned on your desk and that you are sitting in a proper position with your midriff and elbows aligned and your shoulders and wrists at a perpendicular angle.

Playing-field equipment

Moreover, when choosing a pair of play gloves, you should consider your play equipment, as they will tell you what features you need. Although PC gaming gloves and console gaming gloves are made of the same materials, they are different in style and offer specific benefits to the user.

To configure the PC

On the one hand, the keyboard gloves are designed to be comfortable in the hand, and ergonomics are paramount. This helps mitigate or reduce the effects of constant playing, and it works by helping you maintain a better hand and wrist position so your fingers can move more easily on the keyboard.

For game consoles

On the other hand, you will find that most console gaming gloves are fingerless and have excellent anti-perspiration properties to keep your palms dry. The fingerless design allows you to maintain a good grip and use the controller as you normally would, while the moisture feature maintains the dexterity of your hand, so you can enjoy more consistent play.

Hand problems

If you have hand or wrist problems, gaming gloves can be very useful, but you still need to find the type of glove that is best suited for these problems.

Cold hands

For example, if your hands get cold easily (and therefore numb), look for gloves that can effectively warm your hands. These gloves are made of thicker materials that won’t affect your game, such as B. Fleece, jersey and even leather. They are also available in a fully fingered version.

Sweaty palms

If your palms are always sweaty regardless of the weather, video game gloves made from more breathable materials are a better choice. These gloves have excellent moisture wicking properties to absorb sweat and extra material integrated into the palm for better grip and control of the play equipment.

Type set and type

Rather, it’s about what kind of games you play and how you usually play them. For example, there are competitive games that require pressing the WASD keys repeatedly in fractions of a second, and there are more fun and interactive games like The Sims where you can spend hours building the world.

If you are a Type 1 player, you need as much precision, accuracy, speed and control as possible. So you will benefit tremendously from good wrist rest and a little compression.

But if you’re more of a sedentary gamer, you should appreciate the comfort and breathability of a good pair of fingerless gaming gloves.

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Material of gloves

It is also important to consider the quality, construction and properties of the materials used in the manufacture of PC/computer gaming gloves. There is a long list of things to watch out for, including

  • Fabric gloves – Good player gloves are made of lightweight, stretchy, breathable and moisture-resistant fabrics. When you wear gloves, they should feel like a second skin, i.e. they should not be too tight or too loose.
  • In addition to the main fabric, there should be a thin protective lining, usually Lycra, to reduce friction between the hand and the playing surface.
  • Padding – enough padding is needed around the wrist to support your motor movements and relieve the pressure or tension that can cause pain and discomfort. High-quality glove protectors are generally EVA foams used in sportswear.
  • Grip – The palm of your video game glove should have some sort of grip, ideally with isometric rubber to prevent slipping and allow you to hold the controller or mouse in your hand at all times.
  • Insulation – Finally, if you want to enjoy the cold and cool, look for insulating materials like neoprene to keep your hands warm. Neoprene is also ideal for maximum maneuverability and agility.


There are many options on the market for gaming gloves, or other types of gloves such as arthritic gloves that perform the same functions as gaming gloves for computer games. They come in a wide range of prices, and the fact is that inflated price tags don’t always translate into better quality products.

Vive Arthritis Gloves are a good example: they’re cheaper than high-end gaming gloves, but offer the same functionality. Of course, this is not always the case, so it is better to look at the value for money of the product rather than the price. Wondering if this product is worth the cost for the quality of work and features it offers?

Glove size

To get the most out of your gloves, first make sure they really fit you. Some gloves come in one size with Velcro closures for customization, while others come in several sizes. In this case, you can adjust the size up or down depending on the degree of compression you prefer.


With powerful desktop computers, gaming laptops and advanced gaming consoles becoming the norm in every home, people are spending more and more hours playing games. However, prolonged use of a computer and excessive finger fatigue can lead to a number of problems.

One of the best and cheapest solutions to this problem is to wear a pair of quality play gloves. They are high-quality, affordable and multi-purpose gloves that provide support, comfort and symptom relief for tired hands and wrists.

You’ve read above what these gloves can do, how they work, and how to find the best pair for you as a gamer, whether you’re playing on a desktop PC, a gaming console, or even a VR rig. It is now up to you to decide which gloves are best for you.

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