AFK Arena – Best Heroes Tier List (January 2021)

With the incredible number of unique heroes in the AFK Arena, it’s not easy to build a team with just five heroes.

Most heroes are useful in some way or at some point in the game, but some heroes are just better than others at the role they play.

That’s why we’ve created this list of levels to guide you in choosing the heroes that will be part of your team and in which you can invest your resources.

However, when building a base team later in the game, other factors must be taken into account, not just the individual strength of each hero.

Some of the best characters from the latest AFC Arena game include Elijah and Lyla, Rowan, Talyn, Daimon, Ferael, Tacy and Aaron. If you summon one of these heroes, you can easily use them for a long time.

Note that these are just a few of the high-profile heroes for the last game. There are a few others that are just as good as this one, and some that are better in certain game modes.

Among the heroes who do very well in the early stages of the game and are therefore able to progress are Saveas, Lucius, Elijah and Lila, Brutus, Shemira and Talene.

Again, there are other heroes that are just as strong, if not better, in some game modes.

Below you will find more information about all these heroes and more, as well as their level in each game plus and level in the game.

Table of contents

AFC Stadium List

To give you a better idea of each hero’s potential, we’ve created level lists for four game stages: beginning of game, mid-game, end of game and end of game.

Use the links below to quickly navigate to a specific section of the list of meters you are looking for.

This list of levels has been updated from 25. January 2021 updated with patch 1.55.

List of contents

Explanatory notes to the list of levels

All heroes in the game, except the regular heroes, are listed in these level lists if they fall within the level range.

This means that legendary heroes won’t be above level 160 either, because that’s their maximum level.

The level ranges into which the four level lists are divided correspond to the level of your heroes, not your account.

All heroes in the following level lists are ranked from D to S, indicating the hero’s strength in terms of power, utility, or support.

We gathered information from a variety of sources to create these tier lists, including the top players, the AFC Arena sub-law, and established sources.

This list of levels is very useful if you’re not sure which heroes to include in your team and spend resources on upgrades.

While a list of levels like this is a great guide to team building, there are other factors to consider when building your endgame team.

For more information on how best to build your team, check out our guide to building teams in CCA arenas.

All heroes on our level list have one of five grades, S, A, B, C or D, in five different categories: In general, PvE, PvP, Boss and Maze. Here is a brief description of what each level represents.

S-Tier – The heroes of S-Tier are the best in the game. These characters work exceptionally well and should be used when you draw them.

Level A – Level A heroes perform significantly better than the average hero. These signs are very powerful and will help you a lot during the journey.

B-Tier – The heroes of the B-Tier behave exactly as expected. They’re not particularly strong, but they’re certainly not weak either. B-level heroes can be a great addition to your team if you need a particular skill, etc.

Level C – Level C heroes have below average performance and low endgame potential. Since you want to replace these characters as soon as possible, don’t over-improve them.

Level D – Level D heroes are the weakest and least useful in the game. We don’t recommend spending resources on these heroes, as you’ll want to replace them once you have something better.

A + or a – means that the hero is better or worse than the level assigned to him. So an S+ hero is even better than an S-level hero.

List of endgame levels (level 241+)

Below is a list of all AFC Arena Heroes, based on their performance in the finals, both overall, in PvP, PvE, Labyrinth, and against the guild bosses. The end of the game is reached when your heroes are level 240+.

At the end of the game, many of the heroes that shone in the last game are still at the top of the list, while some fall a bit.

By the time you reach this stage of the game, you’ve probably started creating different team configurations for different game modes. If you haven’t already, you should start doing so to speed things up.

Especially between PvE, PvP and bosses, there can be a big difference in the performance of the same hero, so make sure you check the rank of each hero in each category.

With the best heroes on this list, you can build a strong team at the end of the game.

List of late game levels (levels 161-240)

The following list of levels classifies the heroes based on their performance in the late game, ranging from level 161 to level 240.

At this stage of the game, many heroes that were strong in the beginning and middle of the game, such as Saveas and Vedan, reach their maximum level and cannot be further improved.

Thus they soon find themselves behind all the heroes of the increasing scarcity, for they are stuck at 160.

Therefore, all legendary heroes except Arden are given an F rating on this list, as they quickly become very weak compared to all other increasingly rare heroes.

If you manage to pull the highest level heroes from the following list, you can start building a very powerful team for the final match.

Average reading (levels 61-160)

The following list of levels ranks the heroes based on their strength at the halfway point, i.e. from level 61-160.

During this time, many heroes become much stronger and unlock new abilities, while other heroes get no promotion at all.

If you have some of the top heroes from this list in the middle of the game, it will be much easier to get through this phase of the game.

List of initial playing levels (level 1-60)

The following list of levels classifies the heroes according to the characteristics of the first games, from level 1-60.

All the heroes at the top of this list guarantee fast-paced, hassle-free action.

Some heroes who are successful at this stage give up later in the game, while others are more powerful and adaptable.

Best Offensive Heroes

Every great AFC team should have strong damage controllers.

The main goal of the attacking heroes is to inflict as much damage as possible.

Because of this concentration, many offensive heroes cannot control HP and defense as well as they can control and crush. But you still need them on your team.

Here are some of AFC Arena’s top offensive heroes in the end-of-match/final game.

Dress Ainz Ooal

From the middle of the game and throughout the finale, Ainz Ooal Gown is a force to be reckoned with.

Ainz Ooal Gown is a dimensional faction mage and was introduced to the AFK Arena during a cooperative event with the anime Overlord.

Thanks to his incredible abilities, Ainz Ooal Gown is one of the best offensive heroes in the AFC arena, both in PvP and PvE, and in the maze.

However, there are other heroes who do better than him in front of the bosses.

If Ainz Ooal Gown is so strong in all three of the above categories, it’s because his skills allow him to do senseless damage.

The active skill Fallen Down hits all enemies at the same time, while some of his other skills damage more than one enemy.

Having the Ainz Ooal dress in your team will be a big help to your team throughout the game.

We’ve also noticed that many players have trouble PvP when they come across Ainz Oaal’s dress and don’t have it themselves.

If you’ve managed to bring this hero to life, consider making him part of your team. If not, get it at an event at the AFC Arena where you can pick it up.


Aaron is another extremely strong offensive hero in the AFC arena.

He’s Wild Faction and a Ranger.

As a savage, you can bring it into play through calls, shards, etc.

Eironn is not only very strong in PvE and PvP, but also one of the best boss fighting heroes.

If you’re looking for a strong and balanced offensive hero, Airon is definitely the one to look for.

His active skill is Elemental Rage, which causes Eironn’s two blades to swing to create a thunderous tornado that deals damage to all enemies within its range for five seconds.

Throughout the fight, Eironn will also draw enemies to him, which can give the other heroes on your team a lineup with AoE attacks.

While attracting enemies to him is a very useful ability for your team, it can also make him vulnerable, which is why most players bring a healer or other type of support to back him up.

Overall, Airon is a fantastic striker, both in PvP and PvE, and you can’t go wrong with him against the bosses.

Dear Tank Heroes

A team made up only of damage sellers and supporting heroes can’t always stand up to powerful opponents.

That’s where the tank heroes come in.

By having one or more powerful tanks on your team, you ensure that your team has someone they can rely on when their opponent launches powerful attacks.

Here are some of the best floaters in the AFC Arena during the final game.


Daimon is a hero you’ll meet more than once as you fight or watch the best players in the AFC Arena.

As a tank of the Graveborn faction, Daimon is the obvious choice if you are looking for a solid tank for your team.

Daimon is not only a great tank, but also has a good punch and does a lot of damage in battle.

His active skill is the Soul Feast, which deals damage to all enemies and gives Daimon a shield equal to 26% of the maximum health of three enemies at maximum level.

That’s because Daimon’s Soul Feast activates his Blood Shield ability.

But that’s not all. Daimon also has stun and can heal himself for the damage he inflicts on his inanimate companion.

With all these skills, Dimon is doing surprisingly well in the fight.

As you can see, it’s no surprise that Daimon is considered one of the best heroes in the AFC, so give him a shot if you can.


Mesoth, a tank from the Hypegean faction, is also a great tank in the latest AFC Arena game.

Mesoth’s ability is mostly about crowd control, but he also has a self-healing ability and of course an ability to do damage.

When Mezoth uses his active skill Devour, the opponent is held captive until Mezoth runs out of energy, which he gradually loses by holding the opponent captive.

The opponent takes damage every second and cannot use their own attacks while trapped, making it a powerful ability.

Other useful Mesoth abilities include the Abyssal Butcher, which kills enemies, deals damage and heals the Mesoth, and Demonic Hunger, which deals damage to enemies, gives the Mesoth a shield and reduces the enemy’s haste.

Finally, Mezoth cannot be controlled by an enemy as long as his health is over 50% and the defeated are reduced by 50%.

Additionally, Mezoth begins battles with a significant health and defense bonus, which slowly decreases over the first 50 seconds of combat until he reaches his normal health and defense.

All in all, Mezoth is a powerful tank that focuses on crowd control in the AFC arena and it’s worth considering if you need a tank on your team.

Best Support for Heroes

Some players overlook the importance of supporting heroes in the AFC arena, as they sometimes lack defense and damage.

But if the supporting hero can’t do incredible damage on his own, his contribution to your team can make your team much stronger overall than adding another striker or tank.

Additionally, some support heroes are so good at keeping your team alive longer that your total damage also increases and you are able to support opponents you can’t live without.

Here are some of the top supporters from the last game at the AFC Arena.

Elijah and Laila

Known as one of the best heroes of all recent games at the AFC Arena, Elijah and Lylah are also clearly one of the best supporting heroes of the game.

Elijah and Lila are twins from the Celestial Faction who act as heroes in the AFC arena.

As with many players, Elijah and Lila’s strength lies in their incredible fans and healing powers.

His active skill is Hope, which increases the drunkenness of allies and removes their negative effects, while making them immune to control for a short period of time.

The twins can support each other with their defensive and healing abilities and be their allies throughout the battle.

Elijah & Lailah’s Grace not only heals an ally, but also regenerates their Energy, allowing your team to not only survive longer, but also deal more damage through faster Energy regeneration.

If you manage to get Elijah and Lila into the AFK arena, you should definitely consider including them on your team, as they are some of the best supporting heroes and heroes in general.


Rowan is another favorite among top AFC Arena players looking for a supporting hero for their team.

He is part of the light carrier group, is a pillar and has interesting abilities.

When Rowan uses his active Dazzle ability, he throws gold coins on the battlefield.

If the opponent lifts one of these pieces, he is stunned.

However, if an ally picks up one of Rowan’s gold coins, he recovers 70 energy points and their attack value increases by 30% for 8 seconds.

This skill is extremely useful, as it quickly replenishes allies’ energy, allowing them to spend more active skills with more damage.

This makes the total damage to your team higher than if you had used another attacker.

Rowan can not only stun enemies with his blindness ability, but also control a crowd with his bird attack ability.

Avian Assault sends a Rowan Duck to attack the enemy, reducing the accuracy of the target. At the same time, Rowan is stealing power from the target.

Rowan can not only regenerate his own energy with Birdstrike and re-energize his allies with Dazzle, but he can also passively heal his allies during battle with his Healthy Supplies ability.

A healthy supply forces Rowan to install drink racks at the start of battles.

When an ally falls below 50% health, he drinks a coaster potion that heals him to 40% of his maximum health.

There are a total of three drinks at the bar, and the hero cannot drink any of them for 5 seconds after consuming the drink.

As you can see, Rowan is also an extremely useful supporting hero in the AFC arena, not only keeping your team alive longer, but also increasing damage for the entire team.

Best Hero Transport at beginning and middle of the game

Which heroes are best at using the fairly drastic changes over the course of the game.

For this reason, the above list of CFA arena levels is divided into four sections: beginning of game, mid-game, end of game and final match.

While there are changes between sections, the biggest changes are from beginning/middle to end of the game.

Unlike the late/late game where you want to build a diverse team of strong heroes, most players in the early/mid game focus almost exclusively on a medium with themselves.

So here you will find some of the best carrier heroes in the AFC’s starting/medium arena game.


When it comes to AFC heroes who can lead your team to victory in the beginning or middle of the game, Shemira is one of the best options.

Shemira is a mage of the Graveborn faction and has the skills to play the game alone.

His active ability is tormented souls, which when used, envelops the entire battlefield with souls that constantly inflict damage on all enemies.

In addition to the incredible damage this ability does to all enemies, Shemira heals 90% of the continuous damage done by the afflicted soul and 50% of the total damage done by the ability at the end of its duration.

But that’s not all. Shemira also possesses a skill called Soul Sucker, which consists of draining the opponent’s life and giving it to Shemira.

Finally, to add Shemira’s synergy with regeneration of life, she does extra damage the healthier she is, and her ability to silence extends to enemies and has a longer duration the healthier Shemira is.

All in all, Shemira is an incredible carrier who does tons of damage, has massive continuous AoE, and can sustain herself through massive self-healing.

Savings as

Saveas is often the first hero that comes to mind when players think of the beginning and middle of the game.

He is of the Mauler faction, plays the role of permanent damage and has a unique health system that makes him one of the best carriers in the AFK arena.

Saveas’ active skill is the Burning Stomach skill, which causes him to sacrifice 8% of his current health in exchange for a significant increase in attack speed.

Later, when this skill increases, it restores him to 20% of his maximum health, and the timer resets when Saveas gets a kill or assist.

What gives Saveas his incredible damage power is his other skill, the Blood Spear, which is passive and causes Saveas to sacrifice 8% of his health every time he attacks an opponent.

In return, his attacks are worth twice the loss of Savea’s health.

To help Saveas survive the battle, his sacrificial spirit causes him to sacrifice 8% of his current health in exchange for a self-heal equal to 4% of his maximum health for 10 seconds and doing less damage.

The combination of the fact that the less healthy he is, the more damage he does, and the self-healing compared to the health he has, is what makes Saveas so incredible at completely turning the fight around, even when he doesn’t seem to have a chance.

All in all, Saveas is an excellent hero for the start or middle of the game at AFK Arena.

Here’s what we think – a list of the AFC Arena’s top attack, tank, support and transport heroes in the game.

If you have any requests or suggestions regarding this list of levels, please let us know in the comments section below.


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