What is Tombstone Soda and is it good in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

Call of Duty zombie benefits have always played an important role in the amount of combat you will endure in the higher stages of the game. In Cold War Black Operators, there were fewer benefits available at the beginning of the game than in Zombies, but Treyarch slowly added more over time. With the release of Firebase Z, they brought back an old benefit that hadn’t been available since Black Ops II, the Tombstone Soda, but is there anything good about it? Here’s an overview of Tombstone Soda, what it does, and whether it’s worth buying.

What is Tombstone Soda?

Tombstone Soda is the newest bonus in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Cold War. On the Firebase Z map, his car is on the helipad, to the right of the barracks door. It can also be obtained from Wunderfizz’s car in the village Mess Hall or the same car in the The Machine map (or other upcoming maps that will be published).

Since its appearance in Black Ops II, the power-up has been slightly modified, combining elements of the old version with another power-up in the game called Who’s Who? When you descend, you can create a shadow of yourself that can walk around, shoot zombies and reanimate you. If you lose your health while in this shadow, you will automatically die. You can clearly see on the screen how much time you have left to get up before your time runs out, and how and when you usually pass out, so you know how far you will lose your bonuses. If your inventory contains self-healing, you can use Tombstone to store that self-healing if you are sure you will not lose your health in the Shadow Form.

When you upgrade bonuses with Athereum crystals, you get bonuses that make using them much more viable, just like other bonuses in the game. Here’s what you get in each level.

  • Level 1: Your shadow form can regenerate health after being hit for a while.
  • Level 2: CPR time is extended to one full minute.
  • Level 3: When you die, a tombstone will appear above your place of death that you can use to obtain weapons, equipment and resources. Unlike the Black Ops II version, using it will not allow you to regain the benefits you have earned. Moreover, in your experience, it will cost you almost everything you have.

How is the Tombstone soda?

If you plan to use Tombstone Soda, this may be one of the lowest bonuses in the game, if it is not updated at all in the menu. We recommend upgrading it with at least one slot machine before starting the game. If you want to use your shadow to reanimate yourself, you should wait until the zombies are out of your body before starting the process.

At the second level, waiting can seem like an eternity, so take your time getting up. Make sure you’re alive.

In the third level, you can save up all the powerful weapons you have and your save is very lucrative, but without the added essence of cashing in power-ups, you will have to play very carefully to replenish your points or you will fall off again.

All in all, this version of Soda from Tombstone is good. It’s not a terrible bonus if you need help, but we’d rather take the time to freshen up and focus on other aspects of the game.

When should I buy a soda headstone?

We recommend using Tombstone Soda when playing with others, not in solo games. The vitality of the bonus in solo games drops dramatically compared to using it in group games. If you use the shadow and lose health in solo games, it means the game is over, even if you still have assertiveness. In addition, level 3 upgrades are completely useless because you cannot reload and trade your items. If you’re playing solo, focus on the other power-ups first and collect the saves to build up your autonomy. You can grab the tombstone as a final bonus to get additional power-ups if you get the chance.

In group games, we recommend buying the main power-ups (Juggernog, Quick Revive) before using the tombstone. This way you can catch yourself if your allies can’t catch you, and you should be able to catch yourself even faster thanks to the Quick Revive effect.

Frequently asked questions

What does lemonade do on tombstones?

Tombstone Soda is the new Perk-A-Cola of the zombies. Each use costs 2000 points, but it only appears when there are two or more players in the game. This benefit causes “Tombstone” – which is similar to “Power Up” – to drop wherever you die, and saves the last weapon you have in your hand.

Why does Black Ops’ Cold War look so bad?

After the opening of Black Operators’ Cold War, players found that all these graphical advances were a step backwards. Distant objects on the maps looked blurry, and the game itself looked more like a cartoon than a realistic game like Modern Warfare. … That’s mostly because the game didn’t work as well on PC and console.

What is the map of Tombstone?

Tombstone Soda is the ninth Perk-a-Cola in zombie mode seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the TranZit map. It can only be purchased and used in multiplayer mode and costs 2,000 points.

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