Things I’d like to see in Warframe

Let me start by saying that the things I want to talk about are usually small changes and strictly speaking are my own opinion. The purpose of this post is to see if what I want is in line with the general opinion here, so please comment on what you think and what you think is particularly important.

Part one: Orbital Judge

Consistent colour channels

In recent years, numerous reports have shown that colour channels are often not very consistent. Either the presence of the chain does not match the name, or it is inconsistent between the different parts. It can vary from Warframe skins and helmets to the ship itself. For Warframes this makes the mod difficult because some helmets just look bad with certain skins, and for Orbiters this means that every piece looks slightly different.


The ability to draw specific plans or relays makes them much easier to manage. You could easily see what you were working on in the game, and you could use coloured pens to attach things for different reasons while differentiating them. This makes it much easier for players to keep track of the relics they want, and they can make a to-do list or an access list to DeepL in the Foundry.

Foundry line

If you let the players choose how many times the foundry repeats a certain recipe, it becomes much easier to make things in large quantities. That way you don’t have to tell him that he has to train every day and making things like gems, alloys and pizzas becomes much easier. Apparently the game does not automatically claim items once after making a recipe. Either the players can manually indicate what is ready at this stage, or they have to wait until the foundry finishes its turn, depending on the difficulty of the task.

The Great Union

The current standard method for obtaining permanent status for 6 unions is unnecessarily confusing to use. It is very annoying to have to switch to each warframe when you change unions or even if you get a better sigil for the same union. Why not just make a change somewhere in the union menu so that you can use a button to decide which union you want to see?

Automatic installation of an ayatan sculpture

Did you know there’s a key you can use to fill an ayathetic image with a key? This is a great game quality feature that saves players a lot of time. But did you know you have to be MR 10 to use this key? For some reason there is a check lock on this function. This makes no sense and only frustrates the new players. I hope it’s removed at some point.

Noob’s fall

There are some things on the market that are so horrible that it’s almost a scam. I’m talking about buying funds, credits and mod packs with Platinum. What they give is so easy to get and is sold for such a high price that I can’t believe DE isn’t mentioned more often. This includes, but is not limited to, the following grand prizes:

  • 1x Gallium: 10p
  • Alloy plate 1.500x: 30p
  • 1,000x Endo: 100p
  • Elementary fashion bundle: 75p
  • 175,000xCredits: 90p

These prices are so bad that new players who don’t understand the economy are probably the only ones who buy them. That means it’s not even profitable for Germany, because these new players are essentially giving back the 50 pence they had when they started.

Part two: Clans and dojo

Players Trade

I think Warframe needs a real deal. It’s not just about people yelling at each other in discussions about trade, but about a real game system in which players can list items, set prices easily and trade quickly and safely. The fact that the use of a third party website such as has become the norm shows that the options associated with in-game trading are not sufficient. If a player only uses the game resources to trade, he cannot compare prices, he has to hope that someone in the trading treasure at that time wants to sell/purchase a certain item, and he could be swindled or cheated. It is slow, inefficient and relatively easy to use.

Research on haematology and mutagenesis tests

His research is incredibly expensive. It costs 5,000 mutagenic samples for a ghost clan, which is ridiculous. Most other studies requiring mutagenic samples require between 20 and 60 samples. The x100 Big Health Pizza test is the second most expensive, but even that costs only 550 samples (about 10% of his cost). There is no reason for Hema to be so disproportionately expensive. It is not particularly strong or special, at least not enough to justify the costs.

At one point, Steve said how unfair this change would be to those who completed the study. That’s a surprisingly apathetic attitude for those who didn’t. I’ve had a lot of trouble cultivating it, so you have to do the same. That’s pretty much what it says, and apparently the ED doesn’t care.

New resources for old weapons

When an update introduces new resources, they are almost always used only for issues related to the new content. Why not instead link resources to old weapons, weapons of war and other things when it makes sense. When new Grinding Agents are introduced, it makes sense to use them to make old weapons as well. The goal is not to make it harder to get old weapons, but to give players a reason to interact with new content beyond the new equipment it represents. This can help to make updates feel less like the content islands that are often deplored.

Solar rails

Since the publication of Update 16 in March 2015, a ceasefire has been concluded between the clans. Since then, Orokin’s lab has only proposed plans for the Key of the Dragon. However, all the research and development that the clans could do with this system is still ongoing. In the end it seems chaotic and a bit confusing for the players who weren’t there before the truce. I would like to see it restored or removed in one form or another.


Speaking of useless dojo spaces: The Oracle exists. Why do they exist? Nobody knows that. The space itself offers nothing of value and is not even the reason why it is needed for laboratories. I want the oracle to fulfill its function, or the room to be completely removed. Looking to buy Instagram story views then check out as they provide with the best service for instagram.

I had a lot of other things about dojo decoration and overall balance/quality of life, but a lot of things are more complicated, and this post has been too long. If you have taken the time to read all or part of this message, thank you. Again: Let me know what you think, or if I haven’t recorded something you think is important.

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