Pokemon Go Roselia Community Day Event Guide | How to Catch Shiny Roselia?

Now you can start preparing for Pokemon Go Roselia Community Day in February. Here are the features and benefits that will be available on Pokemon Go Roselia Community Day, take a look.

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During Pokemon Go Roselia Community Day, you can enjoy many benefits, so you should get ready now. Pokemon Go Roselia Community Day will be celebrated this Saturday, which means you have the chance to be in the spotlight. This event offers you great deals, features and bonuses that you can win as rewards during the event.

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The Pokemon Go Roselia Community Day starts this weekend, Saturday, and players have already started planning for the event. You will have the chance to compete against Roselia and if you are lucky, you might even meet the brilliant Roselia. You can also enjoy some great perks and rewards during the event.

The Roselia Community Day event contains many interesting bonuses that allow you to hatch your eggs and run to catch a radiant Roselia and turn her into a Roserad. Roselids know both a charged fireball and a fast attack bullet seed.

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However, Roselia is not a legendary Pokemon or one of the most popular Pokemons, but you should also keep in mind that Roselia is the definitive form to make with the PvP meta game in Pokemon Go. Interesting battle competitions like “Grass” and “The Poison” sometimes appear on special cups in the Oddball series, which means you can have a lot of motivation to try to catch Roselia and turn her into Roserada if possible.

If you want to know more about the Pokemon Go Roselia Community Day event, go to the next section of this article.

Enter Roselia Pokémon Day, a community day: dates, times, bonuses and features.

Here are some details you might want to know about the Pokemon Go Roselia Community Day event, take a look :


  • Roselia is the third generation of Grass and Poison.

Date and time

  • Sunday, February 7, 2021
  • 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time

Special movement

  • To get Roserad, you need to grow Roselia at 2, Roserad known as Chared Attack Weather Ball (Fireball) and the seed of Rapid Attack Bullet.


  • The activated incense will be active for 3 hours during the event.
  • 1/4 spacing in the hatchery while the eggs are stored in the hatchery during the event.


  • La Roselia will be more common in the wild.
  • Take some photos during the event as a surprise.
  • After completing the exclusive timed search, you can get the Sinnoh Stones.
  • A one-time special purchase for the Roselia Community Day Hut will be available for 1,280 Pokecoins, which include Elite Fast TM, 4 Incense, 4 Super Incubators and 30 Ultraballs.

How do we catch Shiny Roselia?

Niantic doesn’t give any information about the Shiny Roselia, but variants of the Shiny Roselia are part of the community, and they usually appear without any information from Niantic, so you should keep an eye on them, and if you’re lucky, you might come across a Shiny Roselia.

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I hope you enjoy our look at Pokemon Go Roselia Community Day Event Guide | How to Catch the Shiny Roselia.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you catch the brilliant Roselia?

It will also be possible to catch the glowing Roselia during the Pokemon GO tournament, where it breeds so often. Community Game Day lasts from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm local time in Pokemon GO. During this time, players can take advantage of several other Community Day features.

Is there a shiny roselia?


What are the best steps for Roselia?

Roselia’s best moves are “Poison Strike” and “Mud Bomb” when she attacks the Pokémon in the gym. This combination of moves has the highest total DPS and is also the best move for PVP battles.

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