How to Ship Items Between Planets in Dyson Sphere Program

So you built a beautiful factory, climbed the technology tree and even went to another planet to harvest more exotic resources. You may be wondering how I can bring these resources to my home planet. Of course, you can’t expect to go back and forth. You would be right. To transport resources between planets, interstellar logistics stations must be built. Learn how to send objects between planets in Dyson Sphere software.

Moving objects between planets in the Dyson sphere program

Moving goods from place to place is part of Dyson Sphere’s logistics research. Your logistics will start with belts and sorters, but your needs will quickly grow. Their first major logistics study will be a global logistics system.

This research will give you access to the planetary logistics station. This structure, coupled with custom logistics drones, allows for the transfer of resources between stations on the same planet. They are useful when you have certain areas to do certain things and there will be too much traffic on the belt.

However, you cannot use this ship to transport ships between planets. To do this, we need to explore the interstellar logistics system. This source requires

  • 1200 Electromagnetic matrix (blue science)
  • 1200 Energy Matrix (Red Science)
  • 120 Structure matrix (yellow science)

When you explore the Interstellar Logistics System, you gain access to the Interstellar Logistics Station and the Logistics Ship, a real ship that flies between the planets.

Construction of an interstellar logistic station

To deliver space cargo, you must first establish an interstellar logistics station on your home planet. Once this giant tower is built, it will charge and can knock out your power grid if you are not prepared. Make sure you have enough power to support the system.

Once the station is built, you need to create a logistics ship and fill the station.

Five empty seats take their place. These are the commodity niches for which you determine supply or demand. Normally, your home planet gets its resources from the rest of the solar system and galaxy.

To ask another planet for resources:

  1. Click on the Empty Slot button and select the resource you want to request.
  2. Click on Remote Power on the right
  3. Switching to remote on-demand

This means that this tower needs resources from other remote logistics stations. If the raw materials are available, the logistics ships will pick them up. It is important to note that logistics ships do not disappear unless at least 200 resources are available.

Local delivery in the station menu is the framework of global logistics. The same would be true of any other logistics station on the same planet.

Now that you’ve set up the first station, it’s time to fly to another planet and set up the second station.

Location of remote interstellar logistic stations

It’s easy to set up your station remotely. Build a tower and run belts through it with the resource you want to export. Open the drive menu and click on an empty slot. Select the source you want to provide and leave the Local Power Source and External Power Source settings unchanged.

That’s all there is. Once your station is full of resources and cargo, ships from your home planet will be sent to pick things up. If you look at your home planet, you can probably see them along the way.

Can my tail distort in other systems?

Not all the resources you need will be available in your home solar system. Fortunately, the Interstellar Logistics Station can also collect resources from other systems. Your logistics ships must be able to warp to this end.

To give your ships the ability to warp, you must research the Lv4 logistics transport engine under the Upgrade Technology Tree.

Like your mecha suit, logistics ships require space hulls to make the transition.

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