How to Repair MTG Arena Error Updating Data

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MTG Arena is a free digital trading card game for the Windows platform. However, several users have reported an update error when trying to start the game.

A total mistake:

Error updating data : Check the connection and try again.

This error is usually caused by incorrect proxy settings, restrictions from your Internet Service Provider or problems with game servers.

If you are also experiencing this error, here are some troubleshooting tips you can use to correct MTG Arena data update errors on your Windows computer.

What is MTG?

Magic: Gathering Arena is a free digital trading card game developed and published by Wizards of the Coast. You can collect cards through boosters, in-game achievements and microtransactions. You can also create your own card games to challenge other players.

What is a data update error in MTG Arena?

The MTG Arena data update error is an error that occurs because something is wrong with the proxy server configuration. Of course, there are other reasons as well, such as restrictions imposed by ISPs or game servers.

The MTGA data update error occurs every time you start the game, and the error interface looks like this:

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Disable Windows proxy server

If you are using a proxy server to connect to the network, you may not be able to connect to the servers correctly, which will cause an error when updating the MTG Arena data. In this situation, you should disable the Windows proxy server and try the following actions

  • Click on the “Exit Game” button to close the game.
  • Go to Star>Settings>Network and Internet>Proxy.
  • Deactivate the “Automatically detect settings” button.
  • Disable the Use Configuration Script button.
  • Disable the Use proxy button.

After these steps, you can open the MTG Arena. After that, you will see a message that it is checking for updates. You should wait until the update process is complete. After that, you can restart to see if the problem is solved.

Using the Epic Game Launcher

MTG Arena is also available from the Epic Games Store. If you are still experiencing an update error, it is recommended that you uninstall the game and then use it with Epic Games Launcher. Epic Games Launcher is a separate platform on which the game is hosted. There is a good chance that it will work properly here.

  • Stop the game. Press Windows + S and type Control Panel in the Windows search box. Then click on Control Panel in the results that appear.
  • Then click on uninstall the program.
  • Now click on “Magic the Gathering Online” in the list of installed programs and click on “Uninstall”.
  • Now follow the instructions on the screen to complete the removal procedure.
  • Reboot your system. After restarting, launch your browser and go to the MTG Arena Epic Games page.
  • Log in with your Epic Games credentials. You can also log in with your Epic Games credentials.
  • Then click “Get” on the MTG Arena page.
  • Now click the “Buy” button to play (since this game is free, you don’t have to pay).
  • Then launch the game in Epic Games Launcher (if installed), otherwise download and install the launcher.
  • Now open the MTG Arena and log in with your login and password. Check if the problem is solved.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I resolve MTG Arena updates?

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How can I repair my arena as part of the magic collection?

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Why doesn’t the magic arena work?

If an installation or update error occurs, the problem is often solved by uninstalling the game via Control Panel → Programs and Features, rebooting and restarting the installation. Be sure to use a 64-bit client, as 32-bit clients are no longer supported since Core Set 2021.

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